Software Workshops – Fall 2019

Workshop Schedule

The workshops on mathematical and statistical software are held 12:00noon-01:00pm in room Library 259. We are excited to partner with the AOK Library for these workshops.




Event Link

Wed, September 11
Introduction to R Lillian Chow Register Here
Wed, September 18
Introduction to MATLAB Carlos Barajas Register Here
Wed, September 25
Introduction to Stata Lillian Chow Register Here

Seating is limited and sign-up is required. To register please check:

alternatively you can use the “Register Here” link for each item above to register for the workshop.

We’ll be using the UMBC virtual desktop for the workshops which you can access at

this requires a UMBC login so if you don’t have a UMBC login you will have to make external preparations or bring a laptop with a copy of the required software installed.

Simple access steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Use the HTML access
  3. Use then GenLab environment
    • If you haven’t used the virtual desktop before it may take some time to login
  4. Click the windows icon in the bottom left to open all programs.
  5. Depending on the workshop you’re attending navigate to
    • MATLAB – MATLAB R2018a -> MATLAB R2018b
  6. If you need any data for the workshops download them from
  7. Remember that anything you write and save in the virtual desktop will not be preserved.

When you’ve finished and backed up you work just close the browser tab to exit the virtual desktop.