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Software Demos

CIRC has partnered with the UMBC Division of Information Technology (DoIT) to provide short videos with narration to demonstrate the use of popular software packages as well as other useful demonstrations such as how to log in to the cluster taki in the UMBC High Performance Computing Facility. Below are sections on the specific packages and links to each specific recording, but here is the link to the overall repository in Panopto.


MATLAB is a popular mathematical software package that combines efficient linear algebra operations and powerful graphics with an intuitive, interactive user interface. MATLAB can be useful for a wide range of applications from basic matrix and vector manipulations to full-color 2-D and 3-D visualization. For more information, visit the MathWorks website. If you are new to UMBC or interested in where to begin using MATLAB on the UMBC campus, the following brief introduction on how to get started using MATLAB at UMBC is useful.

Basic MATLAB Workshop

Datafile for download: matlabdata.dat.
Demo video:

Basic MATLAB Programming

Datafiles for download: score1.m , fibonacci.m, hilbert1.m
Demo video:

3D Graphics Workshop

Datafiles for download: volcanox.dat, volcanoy.dat, volcanoz.dat.
Demo video:

Numerical Methods Workshop

Datafiles for download: testode.m, predatorprey.m.
Demo video:

Intermediate Programming

Datafiles for download: plotQuadratic.m, de_driver.m, euler.m, frhs.m, plot_error.m, plot_sol.m, true_sol.m.
Demo Video:

Advanced Programming Homework

Datafile for download: A.mat
Demo video:


R is a powerful open source software system for statistical computing. It has become immensely popular due to its intuitive programming language, built-in support for statistical procedures, and ability to produce beautiful graphics. R is extensible through a package system, and numerous contributions from its user community are freely available. R is available on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. For more information, visit the R Project website.

Datafile for download: PROFIT.txt.
Demo video:


SPSS for Windows provides a powerful statistical analysis and data management system in a graphical environment, using descriptive menus and simple dialog boxes to do most of the work for you. Most tasks can be accomplished simply by pointing and clicking the mouse. For more information, visit the SPSS website.

Datafile for download: Profit.xls.
Demo video: