R Packager


RpackageR is a comprehensive open-source, directory of up-to-date packages for the R programming language. Due to its popularity among statisticians and researchers, the R language has benefited from a thriving body of contributions from users all over the world. Availability of a plethora of R packages is the key to its usefulness, yet it should be acknowledged that each R package is made available essentially on a “buyer beware” basis.
What RpackageR aims to do in that regard, is to provide a much needed community aspect to the process of discovering R packages. With the understanding that each package has a corpus of background context and usage directions, RpackageR allows users to contribute relevant feedback in addition to linking to tutorials, articles, and github repos so that other users can get up to speed faster. Rpackager is meant to act as a forum where the world community of R package users can easily exchange their experiences so that new users don’t have to start with zero. The feedback can be easy syntax issues or horrific war stories where you had to pull an all-nighter to figure out that a pesky un-intuitive output is due to a hidden default parameter the creator of the package forgot to include in the disclaimer list.

What can it do for you

  • Connect you to various documentations related to the package you are working with.
  • Help you to find packages relevant to a specific topic of interest to you.
  • Communicate with previous users of a package and learn from their experience.


  • Dr. Nagaraj K. Neerchal,
    Professor of Statistics
    Director of CIRC and Contact for Statistics Projects
    Mathematics/Psychology Building, Room 437
    Phone: (410) 455-2437
    E-mail: nagaraj@math.umbc.edu
  • Nisarga Patel,
    E-mail: np8@umbc.edu
  • Nadeesri Wijekoon,
    Graduate Student-Statistics
    E-mail: nadeesri.wijekoon@umbc.edu