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People – Spring 2015

CIRC Administration

  • Dr. Nagaraj K. Neerchal, Professor of Statistics
    Director of CIRC and Contact for Statistics Projects
    Mathematics/Psychology Building, Room 437
    Phone: (410) 455-2437
  • Dr. Matthias K. Gobbert, Professor of Mathematics
    Associate Director of CIRC and Contact for Mathematics Projects
    Mathematics/Psychology Building, Room 416
    Phone: (410) 455-2404
  • Dr. Elizabeth Stanwyck, Lecturer of Statistics
    Executive Director of CIRC
    Mathematics/Psychology Building, Room 408
    Phone: (410) 455-5731

CIRC Research Assistants

  • Qing Ji, Statistics RA

CIRC Affiliated Students

  • Jonathan Graf, HPCF RA, Applied Mathematics
  • Xuan Huang, HPCF RA, Applied Mathematics
  • Sam Khuvis, HPCF RA, Applied Mathematics